Friday, August 1, 2008

Christian Music for Kids!

Singing, Dancing,and Praising! Besides singing their favorite Hannah Montana songs, my girls love to sing Christian music. Kid CDs and videos are great, but they also love to listen to my music. One of my favorite and I think one of the most inspiring singers is Sara Groves. My girls have learned a lot of the words to a few of her songs. It is so cute to hear my 4 year old sing "Lord, I have a heavy burden..." She might not understand this song, but I do know she understands others that we sing together, such as the lyrics-"...I want to add to the beauty, to tell a better story." We talk together about the music and what it means. My six year old asked me- how do we add to the beauty? I explained by following and loving God and by being a shining light! They can relate to this because of their children's song-This Little Light of Mine and the lessons that they have learned at church. Playing my music and modeling worship gives them freedom to do the same and it opens up conversations daily about God. Another suggestion is to bring your child to a Christian Concert. My oldest enjoyed local artists The Sparks and begged me to purchase their CD. Also, she enjoyed worshipping with the African Children's Choir and yes, we did get their CD, too. Other suggested resources that my girls enjoy include:

Sing & Praise Worship for Kids (Connecting Kids to God)

Girlz Rule! Christian Rock

Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves

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