Friday, August 15, 2008

Teaching Forgiveness

Unconditional love. When Big Sis' was just two years old, I can remember talking about this concept with her. I would tell her, No matter what, Mommy loves you. Even when you misbehave, even when you cry, every moment of everyday- Mommy loves you. I wanted her to understand that my discipline meant love, not disapproval of who she was, but disapproval of the behavior. As my girls grow older, we talk more about forgiveness and unconditional love on a daily basis.

Yesterday, was a challenging day for me. I wasn't patient, slow to speak or slow to become angry like the verse James 1:19 advises. God had a better plan for me yesterday, but I chose my own. I tried to do it "all" on my own.

A realization came to me as I fell asleep last night after beating myself up over and over again, was that I had to forgive myself, because my girls have already forgiven me. In this family, we have unconditional love for each other. We aren't perfect, because we are fallen people, but with God's help we can be better- we can be patient, we can be slow to anger, and slow to speak- we just need to be sure to ask!!

So today is going to be a better day because I am going to give it over to God. I am going to follow his plan and cherish the time that I have with my children today! God bless you today as you spend time with your children. Forgive them when they misbehave and forgive yourself when you could have done better!

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