Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trusting God

Today I am lifting up my oldest daughter and putting my trust in the Lord. She has had a difficult first week and asked me if there is any way that she could have another teacher. I was hoping that a strict teacher would be good for her, but she was so sad yesterday when she came home from school. She cried as she told me that the teacher told her she wasn't a good example for the class when she knocked some books off of a bookcase. Then she told me that the teacher also told her to mind her own business when she shared that a boy at her table was saying something inappropriate to a friend. I disagree, because I feel that if something said makes someone feel uncomfortable than it is their business. Talking has also been an issue for her, as well. I know that she needs to take responsibility for her behavior, but I also pray that the people in her life will guide her in a positive way. We prayed together this morning that she would have a better day and that Jesus will give her strength to be a good student. She wants to be a good example for others, so I know that the comment made really hurt her yesterday. This morning on the way to school, she asked me why first grade isn't fun like Kindergarten. I'm just hoping that it gets better. Being anxious won't help the situation, so I am putting trust in God that he will take care of her today and help guide me as a parent.


kdgilmore said...


I hope things will get better for you. Just try to hang in there.
Love, Aunt Kimmy

Mammy said...

Dear Abby,
I am sorry that you are not having a good week at school. Sometimes things seem difficult and very hard at times, but hang in there and God will help you. You are a beautiful girl, and you know what is right and what is wrong. Always be yourself and you will always come out shining. I Love You Abby and hope next week and thereafter will be better for you.

Jen said...

Thanks Mammy. You are the best in the world! You are a super star. Love, Abby

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