Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please Pray!

Please continue to pray for this sweet little baby! Here is the latest update from my sister:

Poor Landon is really having a rough couple of days - both lungs have collapsed so the nurses re-intubated him. He now has a tethered spine which will require surgery and may impede his mobility. He likely will end up with a diagnosis of either CP or spina bifida. Once he is medically stable, he will have three surgeries at once - his G tube insertion, a tracheotomy, and they are twisting a portion of his stomach to prevent stomach acid from coming back up his esophagus. Poor baby is going through so much..... Please keep him in your thoughts.

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Planting Seeds

Recently, my four year old has been collecting seeds from the fruits and vegetables she has been eating and then planting them in our backyard. This summer she saved cucumber seeds to dry out and yesterday, I found her planting seeds from an apple that she was eating. Her motivation? Possibly,the garden that we planted this past Spring. It has been such a blessing, a wonderful family project, plus it has provided us with more than enough cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers than we could ever need for just the four of us. So, of course we willingly shared our harvest with others. So easy to do, but why don't we do this more often with our faith? Why don't we plant seeds so that others can see the harvest, too! God can do such amazing things through us and our children. I want to do more to plant seeds in the hearts of others so that they can know Christ. I also want to recognize that sometimes it takes time to see the harvest- it is in God's time- not our own.
This morning, I read a wonderful devotional titled The Pumpkin Patch by Sharon Glasgow. She shares in the devotional how one year she was so excited to plant seeds for a pumpkin patch, but nothing grew. She described her disappointed. But the next season, she was presently surprised to find a large pumpkin growing from last years seeds. She then shares how God uses this to teach her a lesson about the harvest of the seeds that she had once planted in the lives of others and how she can continue to labor. (God's Purpose for Every Woman: A P31 WOMEN'S DEVOTIONAL)
I try to pray with my daughters daily that they will plant seeds in others by letting God's light shine though them. By helping others, sharing their faith, and being kind, children can do big things for God's Kingdom. So let's go plant some seeds today with our children- whether it be to give an unexpected smile, share about Jesus, help someone at work- so many ways we can share the love of Christ.

He said to them, "The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."
Luke 10: 2 NKJV

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Hanging Around!

Wordless Wednesday- Thanks 5 Minutes for Mom
My little monkies hanging upside down from a hammock. Their Daddy had to put an old mattress underneath them. (just taking care of his girls!!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prayer Needed- Baby Landon

Baby Landon recently had open heart surgery and has many other complications.
He continues to battler for his health and his little life. Please pray for this family- parents- Amy and Matt.

Here is more info that his mother wrote on the Children's Hospital Website-

Once Landon was born, he went to the NICU and suffered from Pulmonary Hypertension (PHT) and was transported to Children's Hospital. He had tons of IV's, a ventilator and other things connected to him.Landon is also suffering from (VSD)Congenital Heart Defect as well as a undiagnosed chromosome issue.We have been at CHP since 8/22/08. His PHT is doing better, however Landon will be having open heart surgery sometime in the near future and I am not sure when we will be able to go home.All we ask from you is to keep our precious little angel baby in your thoughts and prayers.Now that I am a mommy, I can't imagine ever loving someone has much as I love Landon. He brings Matt and I such joy and we feel very blessed. We are completely in love with our son.

My younger sister shared this story with me about her friends, Amy, Matt, and baby Landon. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for this family. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift up this family today. Please provide them strength and comfort as they care for baby Landon. I pray for the doctors and nurses that are caring for him. I pray that you give baby Landon the strength to continue to fight and that you heal his little body from all of the complications. Please Lord comfort him as he continues his battle.
In Jesus's Name,

Many blessings,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello?? God made them!!

This morning, my four year old was catching a little bit of science on PBS kids, when I overheard the cutest comment! They were explaining the science of teeth and the job of the different types of teeth. The narrator asked something around the lines of -Why are our teeth so amazing? My little one commented,

"Well, of course, because God made them!!"

I love how she is able to connect her faith with science at such a young age! Too cute, so I had to share!!

Many blessings!!

ps. I'm running a Children's Book contest over at my other blog, so feel free to stop over and enter!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Being Truthful!!

As a parent, I so want my children to grow up with strong Christian values, but do I let this get in the way of understanding where they are developmentally? In the past, when my six year old would lie, it would really upset me to the point where I would overreact in my discipline. Then I would feel really guilty when I would read that it is perfectly normal for children at her age to lie and that they grow out of it. Especially younger children who struggle between fantasy and reality. A couple of days ago, my four year old lied to me, but later came and confessed. She said, I thought that "God might be mad at me, so I thought that I better tell you the truth." I want the kids to develop a healthy "fear" of the Lord, but I don't want them to feel guilty or to fear God in an unhealthy way. Also, moral development comes with time, so with healthy discipline,parental role models, and God's guidance children will learn proper behavior. I think that when I overreact, it is out of fear- I need to put my trust in the Lord!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Simply Beautiful!

What more could I ask for? Two precious girls, beautiful mountain scenery, and relaxing time with husband- God is good!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Heart like a Child

Yesterday, I received a really nice email from a friend that focused on how God whispers to us everyday, but how we miss it. (Click here to view Whispers) This made me think about a recent experience with my youngest. We were walking home from taking big sis to school, when we noticed a tree that was changing colors. After explaining a little bit of science behind the tree, my little peanut wanted even more details. I explained to her that I didn't know exactly how the tree held the nutrients in the winter. I just knew that it did. She responded- "Isn't it amazing how God can do that to the tree." A four year old sees his presence daily, but so many of us as adults miss it. We miss his great works and his whispers. It makes sense why Jesus says to have faith like a child. Then we would hear and see better! Boy, children are smart!

Children see things differently than we do. Simple. Peaceful. Humble. And while we spend our time, energy, and resources on balancing life's stresses and fighting to maintain the reputation we've built for ourselves, Jesus is gently calling us back to the heart of a child. from Like a Child: Part 1

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Off to the Mountains!!

We'll be traveling this weekend to our camp in the mountains. We just love it there and hope to see one of God's many amazing creatures- Elk!! Also, looking forward to seeing the beautiful fall leaves. The photo above was taken the last time we visited!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Please Pray for Carlos

Please pray with me for a baby named Carlos who will be getting surgery today. (He is the baby of a friend of mine that I work with and has been having difficulty swallowing food.)

Dear Lord,
We lift up Carlos today that his surgery will go well. Please keep him safe and comfort his parents as he is going through his procedure. I pray for the doctors who will be taking care of him. I pray that you provide them with wisdom as they work on Carlos to find out what is wrong with him today.

In your son's precious name,

Thank you and many blessings,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Heavenly Father..

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please stop the rain so that my sister can enjoy her lovely fieldtrip.

My eldest was concerned about missing her trip yesterday, so little sis prayed for her to comfort her. It is so sweet to hear a little child pray for someone from their own heart without a grownup telling them to do so. So precious.

Blessings for a wonderful Saturday,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-Gift from God

This is the most precious photo I've ever seen, (except for photos of my own babies of course(Ha, Ha) Anyways, I got this in an email and wanted to share! Not sure who took the photo though??