Monday, October 6, 2008

Please Pray for Carlos

Please pray with me for a baby named Carlos who will be getting surgery today. (He is the baby of a friend of mine that I work with and has been having difficulty swallowing food.)

Dear Lord,
We lift up Carlos today that his surgery will go well. Please keep him safe and comfort his parents as he is going through his procedure. I pray for the doctors who will be taking care of him. I pray that you provide them with wisdom as they work on Carlos to find out what is wrong with him today.

In your son's precious name,

Thank you and many blessings,

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Jen said...

Carlos' procedure went well. His parents are waiting to find out what is next. It looks as though there may be a bone in the way where he needs to swallow. I will post when he will be operated on, but his father wanted me to thank anyone who prayed for him during his last procedure. Thank you and please keep Carlos in your prayers.