Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love God More than Money

Right from the mouth of babes! As we drove home from dinner this evening, my four year old was lecturing her older sister about how God is more important than money. Big Sis' was commenting on how she loved money and was disagreeing with me as I was reminding her of the importance of relationships over things or money. (She loves to get Mom riled up!) Little Sis' saved the day with her thinking and her wonderful comment-"God is more important than money." So wise for such a young age!

It is not surprising that the mention of money is written repeatedly throughout scripture. My hope is for my family to not get caught up in obsessing over money or things. I want us to focus on appreciating what the Lord provides for us and to put him first in our lives.

You must choose for yourselves today
whom you will serve...
as for me and my family,
we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24: 15 NCV

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