Saturday, August 16, 2008

5 Minutes, Please!

As I sat on my porch swing with my coffee and God's word in hand, a little face kept peeking out the door and another little face out the window. "5 minutes, please," I pleaded. They continued to try to get my attention as I tried to spend just a little bit of time with God. "Please let Mommy have just 5 minutes with God."

Usually, they are pretty good about giving me my quiet time, but this particular morning was different. I didn't get the time with God that I wanted, but at least the girls were observing what is important to their Mommy. God- first- in the morning. So even though I didn't get to pray or read as much as I wanted, at least my girls could see that my time with God is important. When we read God's word and pray, we are setting an important example for our children.

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