Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christian Resource Review

Baby's First Bible Songs
(The First Bible Collection)
Illustrations by Moira MacLean

I enjoy sharing the songs of my childhood with my children. Some of my favorite memories include singing songs in church and at summer camp. Emmy received this book as a gift when she was just a baby. It is recommended for children Birth to 3 years, but I think it is appropriate for older Preschoolers as well. The pictures are very colorful and eye-appealing. The plastic handle helps little ones carry the book easily with their little fingers! Includes popular songs such as Rise and Shine and This Little Light of Mine. I recommend this book as a gift for a new baby, 1st birthday gift, or for a baptism. Other titles in the series include the following: Baby's First Bible, Baby's First Nativity, and Baby's First Prayers.

Peek inside!

It didn't take long for Em to grab this out of my hands! Too cute!

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sailorcross said...

I found you on Internet Cafe this morning and thought I would drop by for a visit.

"This Little Light of Mine"-oh, I remember singing that when I was so little in front of the church with a lot of other young ones.

And, here I am, some 50 years later, still shining that same light! I don't think when I was 4 that I truly even understood what I was singing.

But, I do know!!