Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rainbow

Yesterday, Sunshine had to read a folktale for her Language Arts class. Luckily, I read over it first, so that I was prepared to ask her critical thinking questions. We discussed how folktales were told because people in the past tried to understand creation. This folktale talked about how the world was gray at first before all of the colors came and it discussed how the world was created with color. God was not mentioned anywhere in this folktale.

What an awesome discussion we had after reading this! Sunshine discussed the biblical truths that she knew about Creation and we compared this with the folktale. This experience opened up my eyes a bit. I've tried to shelter my kids from things that go against my own beliefs, but I won't be able to do this forever. Instead of sheltering them, I realize that with some things, I just need to guide them with thinking critically about it in relation to our faith.

For example, many Christians aren't comfortable with The Harry Potter Series that contain magic, etc. If my child wanted to read them, I think that I would let them as long as we discussed them together.

A Christian women shared this idea with me a while back. She said that it was important for her to teach her teenage daughters how to think critically about things in the world, because they will be exposed to a lot.

I was pleasantly surprised by my daughters knowledge about Creation and what she believes. Also, this folktale just seemed quite silly to her and she wondered how people could possible even believe that a rainbow was created this way!

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This is beautiful, and a beautiful way to think. Thanks.