Monday, February 2, 2009

New Bible for My Little One

I've been thinking about purchasing a bible for my six year old for some time now. She has grown out of her story bibles and is ready for a bible more appropriate for her age. Here are a few that I want to take a closer look at:

If you have a child close in age, please share any suggestions that you may have relating to the above selections or one that you may already be using.

Have a great day- Blessings,



stephanie said...

Hey Jen! I just bought Gillian the Adventure Bible. It's really neat. Olivia has the Young Women of Faith Bible - I got it for her in 1st grade as well. I prefer the NIV - it's what I used all through Christian school. It's easy to understand, yet scripturally sound. Good luck!

Melody said...

I love the look and feel of your blog. That picture of Christ at the door knocking is one of my all time favorites!

Jen said...

Thank you so much for your suggestions!!

Mindy said...

This summer I bought my oldest son the Adventure Bible. It's a really fun bible and one that they like a lot. It's easy enough that he can read it himself (he's 8 years old). I highly recommend it!