Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday! Sunshine

Yesterday, my daughters and I enjoyed the sunny weather at a local park. As I was swinging on a swing next to my four year old, we both closed our eyes as the sunshine warmed our faces.

"I'm feeling thankful," I told her.
"Me too, Mama," she responded.

Isn't the beginning of Spring just wonderful! Looking for signs of Spring in the yard, hearing the birds in the early morning, and the beautiful sunshine.

Here's a song that I like to sing with my girls to remind us to appreciate each new day:

It's a happy day and I thank God for the weather.
It's a happy day and I'm living it for my Lord.
It's a happy day and things are gonna' get better,
Because I'm living each day with the promises of my Lord.

God did not promise, sun without rain.
Peace without sorrow.
Life without pain.
But he did promise,
Strength for the day!
Peace for our trials.
Help all the way!

It's a happy day, It's a happy day....

Enjoy your day! Many Blessings!



Rita T. said...

A bright and cheery song of thankfulness - I love it.

suzannah said...

mmm, i am so thankful for the promise of spring, too! my daughter is so happy to be able to be outside again--especially now that she's walking:)

God's great grace