Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thou Shall Not Steal

Do you know how proud I am of my daughter right now? It is so reassuring to know that at times of pressure, she is confident to make the right choices. Yesterday, during lunch, a little girl at her school asked her to steal food off of another child's plate for her. My daughter, Sunshine, told her no and the friend asked why.

"It is against the law to steal and against God's law- the 10 commandments."

"Well, I'm not from this country so I can steal."

"You live in America now, so you should not steal."

I guess this little girl has been stealing from others throughout the week- pencils, erasers, etc. Even though it may seem like something small- food or a pencil- my daughter recognizes that taking something that is not yours is wrong.

She told her that if she continued to do this she couldn't be her friend. She didn't like this very much and called my daughter a name in another language.
Later yesterday evening, Sunshine asked me if she should continue to be friends with this girl? I told her that this was a difficult question. I told her that she can still care about her, but not be friends with her. (meaning play with her, etc.) What do you think?

If we want our children to shine the light they have inside, yet not be influenced by the behavior of others, should they chose their friends wisely even at age 7?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Veronica said...

Good for Sunshine for speaking truth into that other girl's life.

As for not being friends with the little girl anymore, I don't know. I understand not wanting her to influence your daughter, but your daughter seems to have a pretty strong foundation. Maybe God is using her to shine His light to the other little girl.

Melissa P said...

It's amazing to see how she has grown. I am so proud of her for standing up for her beliefs and for not being afraid to say them to people who may not be so nice after they hear it. I totally agree but I must say also that my oldest son had a problem with a bully at school. One day the bully was picking on one of his friends and he confronted him and they are now good friends. I would definately pray about that as well. Prayer is powerful.

Rhonda said...

You should be very proud! That is so good. I think kids should always be careful with their friend choices. I've told mine before, that they still need to show God's love for them, but they do not have be their friend. Pray about it though.

Rick said...

I think you should encourage your daughter to follow her heart and do what she thinks is right, and at the same time give her much praise and encouragement for standing up for her beliefs. It looks like you are doing a fabulous job with her and you deserve some praise as well. Congratulations!