Friday, January 9, 2009

Unselfish Giving!

My peanut warmed my heart today with her generosity! It had to be difficult to give away something she valued. She earned a beenie baby in Preschool for memorizing her bible verse and was so excited about playing with her new little purple mouse. Shortly after leaving Preschool, we decided to visit my sister's house. When we arrived, we learned that my niece was home sick from school with the stomach flu. Peanut asked my sister if she could cuddle the mouse to feel better and my sister told her that it was best that she kept it with her. Peanut decided that she wanted to give it to her as a gift. I was really proud of her choice to give something of value to someone else at such a young age. Isn't it amazing how little ones can teach us life lessons? Old clothes or toys are easy to give-up, but what about things of value? God can even use little ones to teach others about love and service!

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