Thursday, June 9, 2011

Important: Donor and Prayers Needed!

Recently I was contacted by a fellow blogger who asked me to spread the word about a young girl named Haley.  Haley has been diagnosed with a very rare disease named MDS or Myelodysplasia. This disease is recognized as a "pre-leukemia" and a bone marrow transplant is needed.

With a bone marrow transplant there is about a 80% chance of recovery. The doctors have advised her parents that a transplant is needed as soon as possible - hopefully by this June. HLA typing has determined there are no matches within the family. The preliminary search for a match within the marrow data base shows there may be one potential match. There are many more tests that need to be done to determine if in fact this potential is a match and if this person is still available.

Things that we can do to help Haley- pray,spread the word, and get tested to see if we are a match.  For more information- visit here. I couldn't imagine this being my own child and what her parents must be going through.

Bone Marrow Testing Kits Available- information here. (It's free to get tested.)

Thank you!

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