Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thankful in all Circumstances

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

This is such a helpful verse to read when you are having a bad day or a bad week or month.  It isn't always easy to do, but what a good reminder to count our blessings.  Yesterday morning was a rough one.  I was up most of the evening with a sick baby and my eight year old,Sunshine, was having respiratory issues, so I was up checking on her as well.  The next morning, my six year old is cranky, spills her cereal all over the place and then cries for me to keep her home from school.  As I'm trying to get her ready, help Sunshine with her breathing treatment, the baby is crying for a bottle. And on top of all this, I had to get two of them to a sitter, the other to school on time, so that I could go and get a root canal.  On the way to the dentist, I realized that I had forgotten my x-ray.  I could just cry.  Luckily, they were great at the dentists and said that they didn't need it.  I told them about my morning and we just laughed.  They said at least your smiling.  I was smiling because no matter what- I signed up for this and I am oh so blessed by having my three children.   So insead of crying, I laughed and it helped. I decided to think about the things that are good about having three children and not the stressful parts. 

Today, a bit stressful again.  Pain from root canal kept me up last night, fussy baby, school calls - one child has a headache, the other needs a breathing treatment.  Back and forth to the school, finally, I just bring them home.  Now three sick kids at home and Dad's working overtime.  Breathe and read 1 Thessalonian 5:18.  So if it sounds like I'm whining, I'm not.  I'm sharing and hoping that in all circumstances you too can just laugh about it.  And hopefully, I'll stay calm and take my own advice.



April said...

Oh I'm with you there, friend :)
Thanks for the great reminder!

Melody said...

That is a great scripture to remember, thanks. :) And good luck with everything and everyone. After this is all over you owe it to yourself to take a long hot bubble bath. ;)