Monday, March 8, 2010

Church- Almost!

With a newborn, getting to church on time or at all has been a little more difficult than usual. I can't wait to get back into a regular routine and attend church weekly. This past Sunday we missed church- I was up a lot throughout the evening before with the baby, so we decided to do church at home. I know that one of the main reasons why church is important is to fellowship and support other Christians in their walk and have discussed this with my children. If we weren't going to be there, I still wanted to be in God's word with them. They were so cute.

"We need to sing the worship songs first, Mom."

We didn't have our praise band to accompany us, but we still were able to praise God with our singing in our living room. After praying together, we enjoyed reading the bible. We are starting the Easter story. Then I had them do a devotional and an activity. Definately not the same as church, but glad to have this time together to focus on God and his word.

Blessings and enjoy your Monday!


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