Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rest In Peace, Sweet Baby

My little cousin, Aidan Joseph, born on December 23, 2009- passed away recently. I can't even imagine how a parent deals with such a loss. I've been asking why? With hundreds of prayers, why wasn't he healed? I know that God's will isn't always within our understanding, but it still doesn't make it any easier. I am questioning God and feeling angry that this sweet baby isn't with his family.

Please pray for Aidan's parents and siblings as they deal with this loss. I know that they are cherishing the time they had with him even though it was short. My heart just goes out to them.



Melody said...

It's hard to remember during these times that God knows best.

I had a little one die, and it is so hard. What made it easier for me is to know that after this life I'd be able to be with him and get to know him then.


E J Pearl said...

Our oldest daughter had a lot of trouble with her first pregnancy, but she made it and we had our first grandson. Her second pregnancy, however, didn't go so well, and Austin James was born two months premature, and he only lived for a few hours.

It was devastating to us all, but we knew that he was in the arms of Jesus and we would all see him one day. Without that hope, it would have been more of a tragedy than it was.

Now, she's pregnant once more, and we're all praying for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy mother and child. We have faith that God will do what's best regardless of the outcome. We'll add your family to our prayer list.

God Bless.

My babies... (angel wings to Aidan) said...

Jen <3
Thank you for this precious post I just stumbled upon.
Our time with Aidan ~ although so short was so very rewarding. I know Jesus needed him for much more important things in Heaven than we could ever need him for down here. It doesn't make the heartache any less.
Jesus worked through Aidan to bring thousands of people closer to him. I believe in Jesus but have never read the scriptures from beginning to end. (Working on remedying that)
The 4 days we had with him were and could never be enough.. but we lived a lifetime in those 4 days.
I wish for more time with him, more pictures, more of his scent and his little noises. :( Waaaaa!
Thank you for loving him.