Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mom, Will I Be Famous Someday?

"Mom, do you think that I will be famous someday?"

"I think you are very talented, so you may be famous someday. It depends though if this is God's will for your life."

"I want to be a famous singer someday."

I'm giving advice about God's will to my daughter and in my heart I truly believe this, but lately I'm having a such a hard time discerning God's will for my own life. I'm praying that God reveals something to me that will help me understand. Is it that I'm trying to follow my own will, because his will is difficult? or is it a heart or sin matter?

I can relate to Sarah Groves lyrics from Hello, Lord-

Hello Lord, it's me your child
I have a few things on my mind
Right now I'm faced with big decisions
And I'm wondering if you have a minute, cuz
Right now I don't hear so well
And I was wondering if you could speak up

I know that you tore the veil
So I could sit with you in person
And hear what you're saying but
Right now, I just can't hear you.

I don't doubt your sovereignty
I doubt my own ability to
Hear what you're saying
And to do the right thing
And I desperately want to do the right thing
But right now I don't hear so well
And I was wondering if you could speak up

I'm going to keep in prayer and trust that God will give me the answers.

Many Blessings,



Melody said...

I have the same problem. It is hard to determine which is my will and which is His. Still working on it.

Preschool Playbook said...

I will keep you in my prayers. God and I were back and forth constantly during my last pregnancy. Didn't He know I had plans? Didn't He know I was had started a second class at school to teach? Didn't He know I was ancient and could not do this again? If I had just accepted His will I think I could have enjoyed that time so much more.

Will I remember that next time? Probably not. Good luck and take care.